Manufacturers often produce lines that feature tea. But usually these are secondary mixes with bergamot and a couple of lemon slices. ViVA la Cloud is looking for a fresh take on the hot drink in the Dregon Tea line.
To see where you can buy this liquid, you can visit the VAPEandJOY website.
Appearance and information.
The liquid arrives in cardboard boxes. On all its sides there is a pattern that resembles a tea leaf. The color accent depends on the chosen taste. On the front side are the names of the line and the taste. The date of manufacture is written on the reverse side. On the sides there are information blocks: on one side — the composition, warnings, balance, markings and the mark of voluntary certification. On the opposite side — legal information, expiration date, and a QR code with a link to the site.
Inside is a glass bottle with a volume of 50 milliliters. Child protection and control of the first autopsy are present. The design style follows the design of the box. Almost all the information from the package is on the label.
Tests and sensations.
The ruler came to us with a strength of 3 mg / ml. There are also options with 0 and 1.5 mg of nicotine. Volume — 50 ml. The balance is 70/30.
GREEN – description from the manufacturer:
A delicate bouquet of elite green tea with a fruity-herbaceous aftertaste is perfectly complemented by the refined aroma of Sicilian lemon.
Sergey Semyonov: It looks like tea with jasmine, in which various fruits were thrown. In my opinion — this is not the best solution. Jasmine is good without additives that oversaturate the mix. For an amateur. Aldian Dadyanov: I like moderately rich flavors. In a series of overdone mixes, such liquids are rare. “Green” — extremely good for every day. I only taste green tea, unlike any other, and I like it. Stanislav Nazarov: Good green tea, moderately sweet. I did not have enough of the declared lemon sourness: it is almost not felt. Add a drop of cooler and you can take it on a permanent basis.
RED – description from the manufacturer:
Charming, absolutely nothing like the taste. The magical combination of black tea with peach slices, tart red wine, flavored with a drop of honey, a pinch of cinnamon will not leave anyone indifferent!
Sergey Semenov: A very versatile porridge. I can not understand which ingredient prevails in the mix: on the first breath, a peach appears, and on the second — cinnamon. A little later, the astringency of the wine is felt. A very interesting liquid, which is extremely difficult to disassemble in parts. Aldian Dadyanov: On the inhale — amazing honey, and on the exhale — tea with cinnamon. On the aftertaste, you can feel the wine sediment. Very interesting taste. In general, five points! Stanislav Nazarov: There is too much honey here. I didn’t like the peach and wine duet. You get the feeling that you are floating a two-year-old samozamesu, only embellished with cinnamon. It didn’t go in at all.
ROYAL – description from the manufacturer:
A truly refreshing cool drink invigorates with a magnificent combination of flavors of a blend of the most refined varieties of Chinese large-leaf tea.
Sergey Semenov: At the first puff, the entire throat is covered with an ice crust. You can’t find any Chinese tea behind this cold. I feel only the echoes of citrus and a grassy taste on the exhalation. Like it. Aldian Dadyanov: Great again. Cold, grassy taste. It is difficult to distinguish the individual components, but this is the liquid that I will definitely take myself. Just the thing for the summer. Stanislav Nazarov: Perhaps there is a first-class tea here, but it is impossible to see it: there is too much cooler. Refreshing, of course, is good — a lemon with an armful of mint does the trick.
GOLD – description from the manufacturer:
Oolong lovers will surely appreciate the extraordinary caramel-milk flavor of this taste. Its sweetness is diluted with a spicy note of cinnamon, slices of ginger and grapefruit.
Sergey Semenov: The bottle smells only of ginger. But it tastes like oolong with grapefruit. And here again, the situation is similar to Green: citrus fruits overload the taste and oolong feels much worse than we would like. I like it, but I want more tea. Aldian Dadyanov: For the life of me, this taste is very similar to Cereal. I love oolong, but here I feel more like great cornflakes with lemon. Tea is only a hint. Very good mix. Definitely liked it. Stanislav Nazarov: Cereal with milk, what they should be. I didn’t find anything in common with tea. The mix is very good, the caramel is delicious. Like it.
Appearance and pitch.
The design of the bottle on the level. The box has all the necessary information. The labels are beautiful, pleasant to the touch. Only the hard-to-read font in the name is confusing.
Regarding the vials. Let down the lids: they are very poorly tightened and strive to get out. An unpleasant moment that should be corrected.
Taste palette.
Four fresh tea flavors. The manufacturer correctly approached the creation of the line, and quite unusual mixes turned out. There’s not a ton of bergamot here, as they do most of the time. Fruits are intertwined with tea, forming a single whole. Multi-faceted and bright. The best taste of molting, according to most testers, was Gold. Weak mixes could not be found.
Final opinion.
The Dragon Tea line is an example of a non-overcooked liquid that is suitable for every day. Not everyone will like it, but many will remember it. RRC for 50 milliliters — 450 rubles.