How to arrange a tea ceremony for a loved one.
Ahead of the New Year holidays, and you probably have already figured out exactly how to spend time with your beloved: movies, clubs, winter entertainment on the street-it’s great. But sometimes you want to spend a romantic evening at home. What to do? Arrange a tea ceremony for him!
In fact, for a real tea ceremony, you only need three components: the right water, the right utensils, and the right tea. But they must be really correct. Now let’s tell you what the secret is.
It is better to use freshly boiled water, because with each repeated boiling, there is less and less oxygen in it, which helps the tea to open its character.
It is better to brew tea in a porcelain teapot, and it is better to drink from white cups: do not deprive yourself of the pleasure of seeing the color of the drink. And do not forget to warm up the dishes: the kettle-before brewing, the cups-before pouring the tea. But the most important thing in any tea party is the choice of a truly correct and high-quality tea. We are happy to share the secrets from the owner and founder of the international tea company Newby Teas, Nirmal Sethiya. This man started working as a teater at the age of 13 and devoted his whole life to tea. He knows exactly what he’s talking about. If only because over the past 10 years, Newby teas have been able to win more than 140 awards in blind tastings at international championships, which no other tea brand in the world has ever managed before. We asked Nirmal Sethiya to tell us about the 5 main principles of proper tea drinking, from which you can get real pleasure!
The best tea is hand-picked tea.
The highest quality teas are only hand-picked by specially trained and trained people. Most tea pickers are women, because their fingers are more delicate, dexterous, and adapted to pluck only the top leaves and buds from the tea bush. Machine assembly of tea, in contrast to manual, provides a larger volume of harvest, but collects a large number of coarse leaves, very low in quality. Premium tea companies, such as Newby, use only tea harvested in the most favorable season exclusively by hand. The method of packaging the tea does not matter: the bags will contain the same premium quality tea.
Real tea does not require any additives.
Unfortunately, the widespread tradition of diluting tea with additives is just a marketing ploy: it is an attempt to disguise the poor quality of tea, which is unsuitable for consumption without these additives. By the way, the beginning of this tradition was laid by Queen Victoria: She allowed her close friend the Duchess Anne-Marie of Bedford, who had a habit of snacking during the day, to drink tea at any time she wanted. It is believed that the Duchess of Bedford initiated the tradition of five-hour tea parties, which was picked up by the aristocracy, and the demand for tea increased significantly. But the quality of it at the same time fell catastrophically, so there was a habit to dilute the tea with milk.ADVERTISING-CONTINUED BELOW.
But in fact, real tea is beautiful in itself. Quality teas have their own unique taste, aroma and delicious aftertaste. Some teas even have their own natural sweetness in the taste.
The right tea can’t come cheap.
Cheap tea dust or, even worse, litter from the floor of tea factories-what unscrupulous manufacturers pack and sell under the guise of tea. Real tea can not be cheap, because it requires careful treatment, tea leaves are very sensitive to the environment: external pollution and high temperatures, which destroy the natural character of tea and dry it. Therefore, it is possible to properly pack tea and provide it with decent storage conditions only in a specially equipped factory with all the necessary conditions, as in the Newby Teas factory in India.
I want to drink the right tea.
Sugary carbonated drinks, coffee, alcohol-all of them have unpleasant side effects when consumed excessively. The problem with humanity is that we rarely know the measure. High-quality teas are absolutely safe for health and do not require sugar, milk or other additives to enhance the taste. I believe that after water, tea is the best gift from Mother Nature.
And if you want to enjoy a really high-quality tea, watch your state of mind and concentrate on your feelings and sensations in order to enjoy all the sensuality, softness and romanticism of this drink. You must understand the truth of life, which is the philosophy of existence.
Those who are intellectually rich and understand the concept of spirituality will be able to learn the truth of life much faster if they drink good quality tea.
The best tea is the tea you love.
And to find out which tea you both like best, start trying and experiment with the flavors!