Asian Thrillers: what you should read to get to know modern culture better.
It is difficult to understand the culture of Asian countries because of the language and mentality that are so different from European ones. This is not surprising, because Asia is a different world with its own history. Acquaintance with their cultural traditions is often accompanied by new discoveries and enthusiastic emotions. Then why not go on a book trip to the fascinating countries of Asia, which will introduce you to a centuries-old culture and drag you into a couple of stories full of riddles, secrets and murders.
So Mie ” The only child»
An absolute bestseller in South Korea. Love and care are especially important in the lives of children. Otherwise, cruelty and insensitivity flourish in the child – a favorable ground for violence. Aspiring criminal psychologist Lee Songyong is surprised-a famous serial killer, sentenced to death, agreed to give her an interview. At the same time, the daughter of her husband from her first marriage appears in the girl’s house. The girl’s mother died under mysterious circumstances. Songyun also notices one disturbing detail – when dealing with a killer and a child, she is looked at with the same unfeeling eyes.
Zhou Haohui ” Letters of Death»
In the Chinese city of Chengdu, a series of bloody murders takes place – a maniac deals with dishonest police officers, corrupt officials and offenders. Each murder is accompanied by a sentencing letter. To stop the maniac, a group of the best investigators and psychologists is formed. But 18 years ago, a similar story was already happening, and no one was caught. Will the latest techniques and technologies help now, or is the killer’s personal motivation and sophistication beyond that?
Isaka Kotaro ” Train of Assassins»
Travel to Japan-directly by train from Tokyo to Morioka. In the company of five murderers: from the evil psychopathic schoolboy to the “most unsuccessful killer in the world”. They are united by one thing – a suitcase full of money. A bestseller in Japan, the book is full of unexpected twists and deadly intersections that will eventually lead to the final station. But who will live to see it is a completely different question.
Soji Shimada ” Moon Dam Lookalike»
The eccentric astrologer Kiyoshi Mitarai has been living in Tokyo since 1978. One day, he is approached by a guy with an unusual situation – he has lost his memory, and now asks Kiyoshi to help find out about his past life. The first clue the guy finds in an unusual place-among the things of the girl, whom he learned after losing his memory. A whole stream of events descends on him, which only the astrologer Kiyoshi can help with. Hints are on hand, but will they be enough to solve the riddle?
Yukito Ayatsuji ” Murders in the Decagonal House»
The work in the genre of honkaku is a Japanese action-packed detective story. Seven students go to a secluded island to relax and at the same time solve the mystery of this place. And there is something to solve: six months ago there was a mass murder. The investigation never came to anything. For students, members of the detective club, such a place pulls like a magnet. They all settle in a decagonal house that belonged to the owner of the island, where he then died. Will the students manage to get to the killer, or will the killer get to them first?
Kanae Minato ” Guilty»
Kazuhisa Fukase lives the life of an ordinary worker in a stationery firm. He is very complex and shy. One day, his girlfriend and three friends receive a mysterious message: Kazuhisa Fukase is a murderer. Once again, Kazuhisa’s memory revives the tragedy that occurred a few years ago and claimed the life of his friend. Now Fukase intends to find out the whole truth about that day, and about the sender of the letter.
Hideo Yokoyama ” Semi-recognition»
One day, a respected police officer, Kaji Soitoro, comes to the station with a confession-the murder of his wife with Alzheimer’s. A loving husband helped to get rid of his wife’s suffering. At first glance, the case is solved: the criminal is caught, the motives are clear. However, a new detail emerges-Soitoro turned himself in only two days after the murder. Where has he been all this time and what is he hiding? An investigator, a journalist, a lawyer, a judge and a prison guard try to put the puzzle together and find the answers.
Masaji Ishikawa ” River in the Dark. My escape from North Korea»
What will tell you more about the country than a work based on real events. The author and his family moved from Japan to North Korea. He escaped from poverty, but found himself in poverty among the totalitarian regime. Many years of starvation, barbed wire, and hopelessness in a country where one man’s life is worthless. Only the river beyond which China begins and the road home can save them.
Soji Shimada ” House of Crooked Walls»
Detective in the style of Honkaku-there are all the necessary clues, it remains only to find the killer before the detectives. A rich entrepreneur builds an oddball house with unknown passageways, a sloping floor, and many rooms. When his friends come to visit him for Christmas, the house is filled with fun and laughter. But everyone is happy until the first kill. While the police are racking their brains, another thing happens. Were they committed by one of the guests, or by the owner of the house? This puzzle will be solved by an astrologer from Tokyo, Kiyoshi Mitarai.
Soji Shimada ” Tokyo Zodiac»
In 1936, in Japan, the body of an eccentric artist is discovered in a room locked from the inside. His notes contain instructions on how to create the perfect woman – by killing several others. Soon the plan turns into reality – the women’s body parts are found all over Japan. By 1979, the murders were known all over the country. Solve the riddle is left to the already famous astrologer Kiyoshi Mitarai and his artist friend. They only have one week for the crime of the century.