The countries of the East undoubtedly fascinate with their cultural value, history, religion and cuisine. Every year, many people try to go to the Eastern countries for recreation, for sightseeing, for gaining new knowledge and emotions.
A special demand among many tourists is a small island state in East Asia — this is Japan. This country has many centuries of development of its own culture. A distinctive feature of Japanese culture is the combination of its own customs with certain components of the cultural heritage of China and Korea. Today, Japan is a high-tech country with comprehensive entertainment, businesses, and a large range of services. But at the same time, the Japanese honor the traditions of their forefathers, this is evident from the traditions that remain to this day.
In Japan, you do not need to go on vacation because most of the time should be devoted to sights, interesting places, get acquainted with the culture, you can visit Japanese traditional holidays, take time to communicate with the Japanese or just enjoy a walk through the well-groomed and clean streets of Japanese cities. In Japan, there are no heated houses, so it is better not to go in the winter. There are two main cities to visit – Tokyo and Kyoto. These cities have an impressive number of all-different monuments, galleries, museums and huge entertainment centers. In Tokyo, you can visit various Buddhist temples, museums on various topics, the palace of the Emperor of Japan, which clearly reflect the entire historical culture of Japan and the way of life of the inhabitants of this country. In the city of Kyoto, too, there are many beautiful temples, as well as parks with unusually beautiful vegetation.
A trip to the Land of the Rising Sun is a very expensive pleasure. Approximately, the average price of a trip to Japan is from 2 thousand to 3 thousand dollars. The tour package includes a tour of a number of cities, visits to various attractions and architectural creations. In Japan, there is no classification of hotels by stars or other ratings. All hotels are classified from cheap hotels-economy class and expensive hotels-business class. In this regard, tour companies often give a” star ” rating of hotels.
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