The creators of the anime industry pay so much attention and detail to the food in anime that even the most terrible quibbler will turn into an anime foodie. In almost all anime series and movies, we can see the main character or cute Yandere eating ramen or biting a rice ball. Of the many popular anime dishes, what should an anime fan (or non-fan) try first? Here are a few of them that will help you become a real anime foodie.
Katsudon (Pork chop in a cup)
Yuri on ice pleased us not only with unconventional gay motifs, but also with delicious treats. Every time Yuri Katsuki wins, he celebrates the victory with this dish. Katsudon is a delicious combination of fried pork cutlet, eggs and rice. It’s too awesome to just describe in words.
Almost all comedy and romance anime series feature a fun little girl who eats taiyaki. But just because it’s shaped like a fish doesn’t mean it’s a real fish. Taiyaki is a sweet cookie, sometimes made from waffle dough, which is shaped like a fish and filled with a sweet filling – for example, chocolate or red bean paste.
Although the origin of the fish shape is unknown, many assume that the taiyaki shape is based on expensive sea bream. Thus, buying this delicious treat in the form of sea bream, customers feel that they are eating something extravagant.
At the beginning of the strange epic adventure of Mugen, Jin, and Fuu in Champlu Samurai, the trio of main characters are looking for something to eat. When they see a kiosk near the road, they spend what little they have on a dango. The ball snacks are made from motiko (rice flour) and can be eaten all year round. So, if you are ever in Japan, you can go to the mall and find food stalls with these delicious treats.
Onigiri, more commonly known as rice ball, is a quick snack made from Japanese rice and often wrapped in seaweed. There are many ways to make the perfect onigiri – some prefer to fill it with umeboshi (pickled plums), fish, jelly, or meat.
This light snack can be found in almost every anime series. The name onigiri was particularly controversial when featured in Pokemon. Dubbers originally gave the snack a name that viewers outside of Japan would be more familiar with, and simply called them sandwiches. However, after a fan reaction, The Pokémon Company changed it to more accurate “rice balls”.
Ramen is one of those products that has found a new life. While many don’t understand how ramen became such a hit with anime fans outside of Japan, it may be related to the popular Naruto TV series. Ramen was considered not just food, but also a symbol of friendship, family and happiness. Japanese ramen consists of broth, noodles and various fillings. If you choose the most important anime product that any gourmet should try, it’s ramen!
Despite the fact that, technically, it is not a Japanese food, curry is consumed so often that it can be considered a national dish. The Japanese version is slightly thicker and sweeter than its Indian counterpart. Curry can be served with rice, but many people and, of course, anime characters offer their own version of this Indian dish – for example, Sebastian’s chocolate curry buns from the Dark Butler.
Poki sticks.
Poki is a popular Japanese cookie stick covered in chocolate. They come in a wide variety of flavors, including strawberry, cream, melon, matcha green tea, and more. So poki is the perfect snack to share with anyone, anytime, anywhere. A perfect example is Yomi and Kagura from Ga-Rei Zero, who regularly share a poki box as a symbol of their friendship. But, if you are a real anime foodie, you will not share your poki with anyone.
Ramune is a Japanese carbonated soft drink in bottles with a narrow neck, inside which there is a glass ball. The most common ramune flavored with lime and lemon. To open the bottle, you need to push the ball inside, and if you do not do this, you will get a waterfall of spray, similar to the first attempt to open a bottle of Ayato from RahXephon.
You can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs. Western cuisine has influenced one of the most beloved anime products to hit the screen. Omuraisu consists of an omelet with fried rice and ketchup, making it an ideal dish. The perfect dish to share with your loved one, like in the anime Garden of Fine Words.
Miso soup.
Miso soup is a must-have Japanese holiday food. This hot soup consists of dashi (Japanese broth), in which you dissolve miso (fermented bean paste) with pieces of tofu, green onions, and sometimes seaweed or kelp. The heartfelt moments in the miso soup anime perfectly show how food can bring people together.
Takoyaki is the perfect snack for those who love seafood. The perfect way to make this Japanese snack is to fill the batter balls with boiled octopus (taco), diced, pickled ginger, green onions, and other ingredients. On top of this delicious dish is a mixture of sauce, finely chopped vegetables and shavings of dried mackerel fish.
In the Killer Class, Koro-sensei makes takoyaki with an octopus that Karma killed. He gives it to Karma, who immediately spits out an overly spicy dish. You should be careful with the spices.
Makiyakinabe is a rectangular pot that is a must-have kitchen appliance for any anime foodie. Makiyakinabe is used to make these grilled omelets, which are often seen in sushi restaurants. To make the perfect Japanese-style tamagoyaki, you will need to roll several layers of boiled eggs in makiyakinabe. If you want to try doing it yourself and watch the anime, check out Blood-C.
Parfait may not be a traditional Japanese dish, but it is the best dessert in Japanese cuisine. Not only does the parfait consist of everything sweet that your taste buds can think of, but it is also a real delight for the eyes. If you have the same sweet tooth as Kyoko from the anime Work. you will fully enjoy the perfect combination of ice cream, sweets, fruits and crunchy toppings that fill a special parfait glass.
Hamburger may seem like a typical American food, but hamburger lovers exist all over the world – including some of your favorite anime. Burgers are often featured in well-known and popular titles – Cowboy Bebop, Dragonball, Ranma1 / 2, Van Pease. Interesting fact about burgers in anime: they don’t just favor the traditional beef bun. The characters also eat Katsu burgers, pork burgers, and many more.