In Perm, they teach you to drink an ancient drink beautifully.
Perm, February 14-AIF-Prikamye. In recent years, Chinese culture has increasingly penetrated into Russian reality. Along with eastern health practices and martial arts, we also absorb the tea culture of China. Properly prepared tea makes the mind clear and calm, tea invigorates and refreshes on a hot summer afternoon. Today, tea ceremonies are becoming popular in Russia. In a small company of people, in a relaxed atmosphere with instrumental music, tea is drunk easily, fills people with new strength and emotions. They say it reveals creative abilities. Tea master Andrey Mikhailov told “AiF-Prikamye” how tea ceremonies are held in Perm.
As a theoretical biologist, I found myself in the tea culture.
Andrey Mikhailov studied biology at the Perm University. He graduated from the university in the early 90s and was very interested in theoretical science. However, at that time it was impossible to feed himself with one biological theory, and the young scientist had to devote himself to other things. “I moved smoothly from science to art,” says Andrey. He plays percussive musical instruments in the Permian ethnic group, and also designs exhibitions. About 5 years ago, Andrey became interested in tea culture.
“One day, a friend of mine invited me to his house for a tea ceremony. I was very impressed by how much it integrates interesting and cute things to me, ” says Andrey.
In search of yourself through tea.
“Chinese tea is completely different from what we are used to on the shelves of our stores. Fresh, properly prepared Chinese tea opens up a very large depth. It’s not just a tea party. It’s a ritual, a game. This is an opportunity for a person to go deeper to himself through certain qualities of tea, space, presenter and process. And initially, this is the main goal, the main meaning of the Chinese tea ceremony, ” says Andrey Mikhailov.
What is now called a tea ceremony in Russia is already the work of Russian and European tea lovers. There is such a thing as Gongfu cha-the highest tea skill. “And we have a tea ceremony-in its own way, the highest skill, because it is through it that tea, space, and people are revealed perfectly,” says the tea master.
In communicating with people, Andrey tries to avoid the concept of “ceremony”. “The ceremony is something with strict rules, where you need to perform certain clear actions, where there is something that can not be done, what can and should be done. The rules of the ceremony dictate the situation. In our case, this is not the case. The tea ceremony is rather a sequence of actions in which all participants should be free.”
Merging two threads.
Each tea master has his own style, his own manner of conducting the ceremony. Some people want to introduce tea lovers to as many varieties as possible, others stop at one or two types. Each variety is a new taste, new sensations and a new mood. According to Andrey Mikhailov, it is better when the meeting is held on the same wave, with one kind of tea. Moreover, properly prepared, it can be brewed many times. With each brew in Chinese tea, new facets open up.
Since Andrey Mikhailov is a musician himself, he decided to combine live improvisational music and tea drinking. “These two streams merge, and people become more receptive to new sensations. It is very difficult to talk about this, because on the one hand it is a sphere of sensations, and on the other-it is a sphere where the inner world of a person is revealed. And this is a space for which we have very few words.”
To date, there are very few tea masters in Perm. They all know each other and periodically meet, go to tea festivals and ceremonies in other cities. Andrey doesn’t like to call himself a master. “For me, this word is very loud. In relation to myself, I use the leading one, ” he says.
According to him, now tea ceremonies are in fashion. There are more and more people who want to drink tea in a warm atmosphere. “They are all completely different. I am not interested in their social status or belonging to any subculture. They all come together here. The tea ceremony is a mysterious thing.”
Perm-Chinese tea ceremony.
The tea ceremony takes place in several stages. People gather first. At this time, the lights are dimmed in the room, music is playing, and water is boiling in a glass kettle. Gradually, people get used to it, relax.
Then the participants of the ceremony are introduced to the tea. In a special cup, still dry tea is passed around. This creates the first impression of the future drink. In parallel, the host tells the participants about the type of tea that is selected for this ceremony. “We are moving from impression to impression. Some call the tea ceremony a tea journey. And this is to some extent true, ” says Andrey Mikhailov.
After everyone has become familiar with the aroma of the dry tea leaf, the process of awakening the tea begins. The master fills it with a small amount of hot water and passes the teapot with hot tea around again. The flavor changes.
Only then is the tea brewed. As Andrey Mikhailov says, ” depending on the readiness of people, tea can be brewed 10, 15 or even 20 times. During this time, we get a certain dynamics of taste, color, aroma, and-most importantly-the tea impression. There is an impact of tea on a person, his mind and emotions.”
The spirit of tea.
In a conversation with the correspondent of “AIF-Prikamye” Andrey Mikhailov repeatedly mentioned the spirit of tea. “There is a certain phenomenon behind these words. We could use others-soul, force field, energy. But, by and large, they don’t talk about anything. It is something (a certain space, quality, force field) with which people begin to resonate and move. And we move from welding to welding. The tea is alive. It is revealed in different ways. And at different times of the day, and in different companies, it can be different, ” says tea master Andrey Mikhailov.