Chinese Tradition

Chinese New Year traditions.


Chinese New Year is arguably one of the most buzzing events on Singapore’s holiday calendar. These days, even the most serious Singaporeans try to cheat when playing mahjong, steal an extra piece of bak kwa delicacy and convince others that they are worthy of a gift in a red bag. We offer you a cheat sheet with Chinese New Year traditions, so that you can meet this holiday with fun and comfort.

  1. Black-no, red-yes!
    During the Chinese New Year, you need to wear only red clothes to attract prosperity and good luck. Right down to your underwear. But wearing black is taboo, because black represents bad luck and death.
  2. Oranges are the most important fruit.
    Don’t know what to give your Singapore friends? All you really need is a charming smile, a pair of juicy tangerines and a loud phrase Gong Xi Fa Cai . The tradition of exchanging mandarins goes back to ancient China and means good wishes in the new year. Come to visit with tangerines, and you will get a good place at the festive table next to all the goodies. Moreover, the tangerines will then stay with you — before you leave, the owners will also give you two orange fruits.
  3. The Red Packet rule.
    What is the most favorite moment of the New Year for children? That’s right, receiving gifts! In China, it is customary to give red bags full of money. Only even sums are put there, but not those ending in 4 (this is similar to the Chinese word “death”). Adults give gifts to children. Married people give packages to unmarried friends.
  4. Spring is greeted with cleanliness.
    The cool thing about Chinese New Year is that cleaning the house is completely forbidden all the days of the holiday. Any cleaning symbolizes bad luck (sweeps away good luck), so the house is cleaned the day before, and during the holiday you can litter as much as you like.
  5. Toss the salad.
    Do you dream of making a mess on the holiday table? Chinese New Year gives you this opportunity. The main dish of the holiday is lo hei salad, it should not just be eaten, but tossed with chopsticks high up to wish yourself and others good luck and wealth.
  6. Say goodbye to sharp things.
    All the shiny kitchen knives need to be hidden. Chinese superstition says that their sharpness can cut your luck. Also, during the holiday, you can not get a haircut, so hairdressers usually charge double the price for their New Year’s work.
  7. Watch your speech.
    Refrain from negative statements and views, even if you encounter terrible traffic jams and incredible crowds on the streets during the New year. On the contrary, radiate kindness wherever you are. Distribute treats to others and prevent quarrels.
  8. Read the predictions.
    Chinatown has a rich selection of fortune tellers ready to share their predictions about your life (sometimes they come true), so satisfy your curiosity about the future. Especially many fortune tellers can be found during the Chingai parade.
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