Japanese Tradition

Architecture of Japan.

Архитектура Японии.

Hello, friends! Today we will go to the land of the rising sun – Japan. Japan, is an unusual strange, despite the fact that the years go by, and in other places all the traditions are replaced, it is there that all the centuries-old traditions are preserved by the locals. The variety and style of architecture will surprise most tourists.
Ancient sights of Japan.
As a rule, in all countries there are places that mean something more than just an ordinary place for local residents. For example, architectural monuments that survived the terrible events of the past years, Japan is also no exception:

  1. Peace Park, destroyed during the atomic bombing in Hiroshima. On its territory there is a cathedral named after the fallen soldier during this attack.
  2. The Buddhist temple located in the city of Nora, is the world’s largest structure of this kind of temple cosplexes. Todai-ji, works to this day, it receives tourists.
  3. Also, many citizens are attracted to the big Buddha, which stands at the entrance of the Kotoku-in temple. Oddly enough, but at present it can be viewed not only from the outside, but also from the inside. In general, according to legend, initially it stood in the hall, but after a while the elements almost completely destroyed the room, and it was decided to leave the Buddha on the street.
    Nature attractions in Japan.
    It is worth noting that in addition to the invented attractions, Japan also has the beauty of nature. The fascinating and lively nature of Japan is ready to show itself in all its glory.
    The Happo-en garden will help anyone to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and delight with its beauty. As a rule, walking in such places is not just relaxing, but also energizing and good mood.
    Nikko National Park, has many attractions. Lakes, waterfalls, ponds, various plants and much more can please your guest with beauty.
    The active volcano Fuji, knows almost everyone and around the world. A safer season for his research is when the snow comes off. They even conduct special excursions there.
    Bamboo grove. Located in Quito Bamboo Grove, quite an interesting place. 1000 bamboos swaying and making a sweet melody, isn’t it beautiful?
    Architectural structures of Japan.
    Quite unusual and pleasing to the eye of all tourists, the buildings of Japanese architects.
    Located in Kyoto, the Nijo Castle complex is quite popular among the population and tourists. It is very unusual and quite bulky in size.
    But the Tokyo TV Tower is compared to the Eiffel Tower, which is why it has become popular among visitors. From its height, you can see all of Tokyo.
    Amusement parks in Japan.
    It is worth noting that in Japan you can also see some of the largest amusement parks in the world. Since this country is very inventive in terms of technology, coming to the land of the rising sun, it is worth visiting at least one park.
    Disneyland (the first one after the USA), where you can relax, enjoy life without thinking about anything. Interesting attractions, castles and characters will take even adults into a fairy tale.
    The largest aquarium is located in Osaka, where you can see more than thirty thousand fish that live in the Pacific Ocean.
    Japan is an amazing country, having visited it, you will definitely want to return there again and again. Undoubtedly, visiting this amazing Asian state, any tourist will be satisfied and get a lot of impressions from their trip.