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11 great Japanese desserts

11 great Japanese desserts

Did you think that Japan is famous all over the world only for sushi? And here is and not guessed it! In this wonderful country, incredibly delicious and unusual. desserts! Yes, the Japanese have a sweet tooth. Buzzfeed has compiled a list of Japanese snacks that you just have to try, being in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Mochi ice cream.
What it is: This delicacy is made from a sticky sweet variety of rice called “mochigome” and filled with soft ice cream.
This dessert is a traditional treat during the Japanese New Year.

What it is: a thick gelatin dessert made from bean paste, agar-agar (a special substance made from algae) and sugar.
Very often, sweet potatoes (sweet potatoes), chopped chestnuts, fruit and green tea are added to this dessert.

What it is: well, these balls on a stick are made using a special flour made from sweet rice.
There are a large number of different types of this dessert, depending on the seasonings added to it.

What it is: the dessert is made from butter in a special pan that looks like a waffle iron. The ingredients can be completely different: adzuki bean paste, vanilla cream, canned meat, jam, and more.
This dessert is very popular at Japanese festivals.

Hanabira Mochi.
What it is: this dessert is a pink sweet rice dough wrapped in the same white dough with the addition of bean paste or special miso paste (it is made by fermenting soybeans, rice, barley, wheat or a mixture of them with a special type of mold). In this mixture, a stick is placed, which is the root of the Japanese vegetable burdock.
The dish symbolizes the plum blossom that envelops the aya fish, which is of special significance in the Japanese New Year celebration. Usually this dish is served at the very beginning of the coming year.

What it is: this dessert is made from bean jam, which is placed between two crispy waffles made from the already known mochi dough. The jam is made from adzuki beans, but sometimes sesame seeds, nuts, mochi rice cakes, and even ice cream can be added.
The best taste of these sweets is revealed with tea.

What it is: this dessert is a “prefabricated hodgepodge” of small cubes of agar-agar (something like jelly), sweet adzuki (bean paste) and fruit.
Don’t be surprised if you can also find ice cream and mochi here!

Sakura Mochi.
What it is: a sweet rice cake painted in the shade of Japanese cherry blossoms (sakura) with a filling of red bean paste wrapped in a salted pickled cherry leaf.
Interestingly, the appearance of this dessert is different in each region of Japan. Usually this sweetness is very popular in the spring.

What is it : this is a rice chew cake made from flour, buckwheat and rice powder. Like most Japanese desserts, the filling here is red bean paste.
This cake is also dangerous, as every year someone dies after choking on it. After all, the texture of this sweetness is incredibly sticky.

Japanese Crêpe.
What it is: this dessert came from France, but it was in Japan that this dish was looked at in a new way. As a rule, this pastry is rolled into a cone and filled with a filling of ice cream, fresh fruits, nuts and much more.
This is an incredibly popular street snack all over the world!

What it is: The design of these freshly made sweets was inspired by nature itself! They are usually served at tea ceremonies, and the filling is marmalade or bean paste.
They are not subject to long-term storage.