New Year 2020 on the Chinese Chun Jie calendar falls on the first new moon of the year and falls on January 25. The animal symbol of this year is the white Rat.

The letters tell how the Chinese celebrate the New Year.

For the Chinese, the New Year is a very important holiday and they can celebrate it for up to two weeks. Each New Year falls on a different date: from January 12 to February 19. This year’s Chun Jie will run from January 25 to January 30.
The history of the holiday.
Chinese New Year, or or Spring Festival (Chun Jie) they are also called “Nannies”.
According to popular belief, Nan is a terrifying monster with horns on its head that lived in ancient China. The whole year it lived in the depths of the sea, and only once a year it got out. On the eve of the New Year, it broke into the settlement, ate cattle and destroyed people’s lives. The peasants were very afraid of him, and before the New Year they left their homes and fled to the mountains to hide from the terrible beast.
This continued until the Chinese accidentally learned that Nian was afraid of red and loud noise.
Hence the tradition of decorating streets and houses with red lanterns, setting off fireworks and exploding firecrackers, scaring away Nannies and evil spirits.

How do you celebrate the New Year?

The festive table should be rich, served: meat, fish, jiaozi (Chinese dumplings, which symbolize the embodiment of the main wishes), duck, chicken, pork, sweets. It is worth noting that Chinese dumplings are a symbol of wish fulfillment. In some regions, coins are placed in such dumplings – whoever gets them will be successful.
Shrimps in the Chinese symbolize happiness and health, dried oysters-success. Raw fish salad brings good luck, and seaweed brings prosperity.
In China, New Year’s holidays are non — working.
Chinese New Year is also celebrated in other countries where many Chinese live — Singapore, Malaysia. Some companies give their employees the weekend off.
And the holiday is also popular in Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand.
It is worth noting that it is also celebrated in Ukraine.
What can I do for the New Year?
Before the New Year comes, the house should be put in order and get rid of all unnecessary things.
It is best to celebrate the Chinese New Year-2020 in white and shiny clothes. Also suitable for beige, cream or light gray. It is desirable to decorate the outfit with shiny jewelry. Clothes with cat prints can scare off the white Rat. The same applies to decorations for the Christmas tree.
At the same time, there is an opposite opinion, according to which in the year of the White Rat it is impossible to dress in white, since it is considered the color of mourning, which is prohibited on the holiday. It is better to choose an outfit of red color.
It is better to celebrate the Chinese New Year-2020 without strong alcohol, preferring light wines, champagne or cocktails.
What can not be done in the New Year?
You can’t start talking about deaths, illnesses, or events that happened in the past year.
On New Year’s Eve, you can not wash your hair, so as not to wash away your luck; you can not cry, so as not to spend the coming year in tears. It is for this reason that children are not punished during this period, even if it seems that they deserve it.
You can not wear clothes with a combination of black and white colors.
The first three days of the New Year can not be cleaned in the house. It is believed that these days the house is visited by good spirits who bring good luck and happiness, settling dust on objects. If you get out, then all the good things are swept away from the house.
In the first two days of the New Year, you can not buy new shoes. It is worth noting that the word “shoes “in Chinese is consonant with the word”heavy”.
You can not get a haircut – it can bring misfortune.
During the first holidays, you can not use sharp objects – knives and forks. It is believed that a person cuts off their happiness.
Before the start of the Chinese New Year, it is necessary to distribute the debts.