For the people of China, the tea ceremony is a special, very important ritual, which they approach very responsibly. The tea ceremony is an occasion to relax, to enjoy the pleasure of enjoying an excellent drink. The Chinese always use special dishes during the ceremony, among the main elements are a teapot-tea pot-chahu, a bamboo spoon, a tea box-chahe, a tray, a high cup-xianbei, a low wide cup-pingbei and other basic elements.
A tea board is an attribute that is the basis of the happening of the tea ceremony. This low little table allows you to place all the necessary tea accessories on its surface. Chaban is distinguished by its beauty and convenience, as it plays an important role in creating the right atmosphere for tea drinking.
Chinese tea ceremony.
Chinese people are very responsible about the procedure of tea drinking, as for the Chinese, tea is not just a drink that quenches thirst, but is a “fire of life”. The inhabitants of this country always drink tea beautifully in compliance with all the subtleties. The Chinese are very sensitive to the ceremony, during the meal they enjoy a drink prepared in a special way.
In China, it is customary to serve guests hot, and always fresh tea. A hot cup of fresh tea is a kind of sign of a friendly, good attitude towards guests. Over a cup of freshly made tea, it is customary to hold friendly meetings, conduct important negotiations.
The Chinese tea ceremony is held in a relaxed atmosphere, only being in a cozy atmosphere you can reveal the aroma, enjoy the taste of tea. Freshly prepared tea is usually drunk from their miniature dishes to the sounds coming from a bamboo flute. The whole atmosphere allows you to treat the drink as something beautiful, magical.
During the tea ceremony, there is peace and comfort in the room, and time seems to stop. The Chinese believe that five elements are involved in this ceremony.
Preparation for the tea ceremony and the rules of brewing the drink.
Just before the tea party, the Chinese take care of creating a special atmosphere in the room. There should be peace and harmony in it. Be sure that during the ceremony, the host must take care of the necessary dishes. Connoisseurs of tea drinking tea used for brewing the drink is stored in a special box – chahe.
For brewing tea, it is recommended to use spring water, or very soft. As soon as large bubbles begin to rise to the surface, you should turn off the fire. Immediately pour the tea is not necessary, you should enjoy the aroma of tea leaves.
The kettle used for brewing should be warmed up. In the heated container, tea leaves are already placed, which are filled with hot water. The kettle is closed with a lid and always wrapped in a towel. It is also necessary to shake the kettle by swinging it in different directions.
Tea party ceremony.
The Chinese never drink tea infusion, which is brewed for the first time. Such an infusion is used by connoisseurs for washing tea leaves, heating special dishes, namely a high cup and a low cup for drinking.
The prepared hot drink is poured into a special container for ¾ and covered. Tea is poured into the cups. In China, it is customary to brew tea up to 4 times.
During the tea ceremony, all conversations are about tea, tea accessories, and the tea god.