In this article, you will learn the full manual of the tea ceremony, which will help you organize evenings in your institution, tea room and other places where Chinese tea is served according to Chinese traditions. You can also use this article to conduct beautiful and proper ceremonies at home. Nanda Devi shop always mentions that you can experiment with teas, as well as with the Gong Fu Cha, Ping Cha, and Cha Dao ceremonies. This article contains recommendations and tips for conducting a Chinese tea ceremony, which you can adjust according to your own feelings and condition. Buy Chinese tea in Krasnoyarsk wholesale and retail , the best price in Russia.
Time: 90-120 minutes Number of guests: 2-8 Number of Gong Fu Masters: 1 Type of tea: 3.
In China, there are no borders in the context of dialogues about the tea ceremony between Ping Cha and Gong Fu Cha. Surprisingly, in China itself, the tea ceremony is often referred to as Cha Dao “Tea Way”, because there is no clear rule on this subject.
Ping Cha and Gong Fu Cha:
In Russia, the distinction between the terms “Pin Cha” and “Gong Fu Cha” is quite simple to explain. Ping Cha-drinking tea is simple, without wasting time from the bowls, in a word, easier. Gong Fu Cha-drinking tea infusions from tea pairs with paraphernalia for the ceremony. There is also a method of cooking “Lu Yu”, which is also described on our website in the Blog section.
Ping Cha is translated into Russian as “Tea tasting”. Gong Fu Cha translates as “Skill of Tea”, as the masters of Gong Fu themselves say “High skill of making tea”. The main difference in terms refers more to the aesthetics, care, and seriousness of the approach to brewing tea leaves. Remember, there are no specific rules in the ceremony of China, unlike Japan. This method differs from the European manner of brewing tea in that the opening of the leaf occurs when spilling, as well as the aesthetics included in this process. Buy Chinese tea in Krasnoyarsk wholesale and retail , the best price in Russia.
Attributes for the ceremony:
Tea set (dishes from the set of Gong Fu Cha, combined in color and volume Master Gong Fu Cha in ceremonial costume. Important. The costume should look natural. The appearance of the master is one of the decisive factors in the proper Chinese tea ceremony. Music-we select calm Chinese ethnic music, for example, Guqin, Erhu, and so on. Prepared hot water (large containers of 1.5-2 liters with heat preservation, a thermos flask is ideal*) * A thermos flask with a glass flask. Water is brought to a temperature of 90° C Candle-in the Chinese tea ceremony, candles harmoniously surround the room for Gong Fu Cha with the warmth and light of the fire, the atmosphere is the key to success. Important. Do not use scented candles! (only for a romantic tea ceremony, you can use Vanilla, because vanilla is a light aphrodisiac.) Tea table decor (shepherd’s apple)- on the shepherd we place our accessories related to Chinese culture. figurines and figurines, by the way, they should not be esoteric (they are designed to create an atmosphere and attract your attention.) Place of landing – when seating guests for Gong Fu Cha, use soft pillows, do not put guests in front of doors and windows, also do everything possible so that the guest can lean on the wall during the tea ceremony. Important. The comfort of the guests is one of the most important conditions for the ceremony! Change of shoes-be careful if you spend Gong Fu Cha in a new room or new guests have come to you, provide them with disposable slippers, not all guests are happy to walk in socks in unknown rooms. Temperature in the room for the ceremony – before starting the Gong Fu Cha, it is necessary to ventilate the room to avoid stuffiness. You drink real tea (with a dark infusion, tea increases the body temperature), the room should be comfortable. Important. Do not use incense sticks, as guests may have allergic reactions, aversion to different odors. The most important thing is that with extraneous odors, you can not enjoy the aroma of tea leaves, because each leaf is unique!
Start of the ceremony:
Seating of guests, acquaintance of the master (5 minutes) A story about the tea that is on the table today, an introduction to tea culture, the choice of a tea leaf (10 minutes) Brew of the first grade of tea (usually green tea, white tea, yellow tea). A story about the dishes, the classification of tea, the features of tea with a light infusion. (30-40 minutes) Second-grade tea brew (usually Oolong): A story about how to choose tea, production, history of tea. (20-30 minutes) Brew of the third grade of tea (usually a dark infusion of Red tea, Pu-erh ) A story about the culture of Cha Dao, Gong Fu Cha, Ping Cha, the traditions of drinking tea in China, the features of the tea leaf with a dark infusion. (20-30 minutes) farewell to the guests. (5 minutes)
Important. You can play with the time in the Gong Fu Cha tea ceremony depending on the wishes of the guests. The tea master must be absolutely competent, it is his ability to see people and communicate that brings the message of tea to your consciousness.
Duties of a tea master:
Have a complete knowledge of the tea that is on the table. Correctly delivered speech, guests should clearly hear and understand. The sound of the voice should be soothing (play with the timbre of the voice) Neat appearance. Do not have sharp odors (perfume, tobacco smoke, etc.) The ability to focus on the process, be sociable. Important. If you have a commercial institution, the Master must know the entire history of the company, be able to work on the technique (“funnel”) of sales.
Brewing a tea leaf:
Brewing a tea leaf is a step-by-step process, accompanied by a measured, well-posed, thoughtful and highly informative story by master Gong Fu.
Water preparation (1-5 minutes): it is necessary to pour water from the thermos into the Chahai (make several water overflows), prepare the correct temperature for brewing this type of tea. Introduction to tea (5 minutes): the tea leaf is transferred to the chah with the help of tea tools and passed to the guests. We examine the tea, inhale the aroma. We wash the tea, pour the tea leaf from the Chahe into the brewing container (gaiwan or teapot). Fill with hot water, immediately pour the tea infusion into Cha hai, from Cha hai into bowls (cups), slowly pour the infusion onto the tea toy . We give the guests a gaiwan or a teapot to taste the aroma of the opened tea. Important. The movements of the master should be confident and smooth, beautiful and accurate. Brewing tea: fill our tea leaf with water, for each variety a different amount of time (from 10-60 seconds), then pour it into the foot to inhale the aroma, cover the foot with a bowl and pass it to our guest on a stand with both hands. Explain, show how to properly turn the bowl, inhale the aroma. Important. Hear from the guest how he feels the taste and aroma of tea. Tea brewing lasts from 5-12 times depending on the variety and category of tea, on average 5-6 times is enough for the duration of the ceremony. Important. Do not confuse the guests ‘ bowls, this is a matter of hygiene! We wash the dishes with boiling water and proceed to brewing tea.