With the onset of the autumn cold, hot, warming drinks are again becoming relevant, and one of the most popular is tea. It is difficult to find at least one corner on Earth, the peoples of which would not love and could not appreciate this drink.
There are many recipes for making tea with the addition of various ingredients, each of which gives its own special “zest”, emphasizes, and complements the taste of the drink in its own way. Fragrant, steaming tea with a slice of lemon/a piece of ginger, or in combination with milk — a great cure for autumn blues and colds.
Tea is one of the most ancient drinks, the birthplace of which is considered to be Ancient China, where it was treated with great respect. It is in China that the famous tea ceremony originates — a special process for the preparation and consumption of the drink.
The tea ceremony is a real mystery, which can only be known if you follow all the rules and subtleties of the ritual.
Tea should be able not only to brew correctly, but also to use.
In order to understand its real taste and appreciate it, you should drink tea in a warm form, in small sips, and without any additives and sweeteners. In this form, it correctly reveals its taste qualities. In order not to interrupt the taste of tea, food was not consumed during the tea ceremony. It was also believed that this way the tea product was better absorbed and brought more benefits.
During the tea ceremony, it was necessary to adhere to a certain etiquette.
Tea should be drunk slowly, all movements should be unhurried and smooth. The rite was a form of relaxation and spiritual practice. It was allowed to conduct a casual conversation in a calm mode, so as not to confuse the general mood of all participants. It was important to be able to maintain the special atmosphere of the ceremony in order to really feel this action.
Until the moment when the drink was brought to our region, the Slavs had their own kind of tea, which in fact was a herbal decoction with the addition of berries and roots, depending on the season. Our ancestors knew many types of useful herbs and plants, which were skillfully used to prepare decoctions and used for preventive and therapeutic purposes.
We are all well aware of the benefits of this drink. But there are many types of tea and each type of drink has different qualities and has its own irreplaceable benefits for our body. Black tea in the morning will cheer you up and give you strength to start the working day, green tea in the evening will help you calm down and relax before going to bed.
Let’s now take a closer look at what specific benefits each of the popular types of tea represents for us.
The benefits of green tea.
It is rich in antioxidants thanks to which the drink will help:
prevent the growth of cancer cells; clear the arteries from blockage; lower cholesterol; cope with excess weight; normalize the cardiovascular system; fight stress.
The benefits of black tea.
the caffeine content in it is higher than in all other varieties of tea; this variety is useful for heart diseases. Scientists have found that drinking black tea can help reduce the risk of stroke and lower cholesterol levels.
The benefits of white tea.
it contains less caffeine than other types of tea; drinking white tea will be useful for those who suffer from diabetes. It contains a large number of polyphenols. These antioxidants slow down the aging process. Also, white tea contains a sufficient amount of vitamin E, which will help in the fight against varicose veins.
Herbal teas do not contain caffeine and this is their main overall advantage.
mint tea will help to improve the digestive process; chamomile tea will help to normalize sleep; calendula has an anti-inflammatory effect; melissa has a beneficial effect on the nervous system; thyme is able to cope with cough and bronchitis.
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