The peoples of Asia often amaze us with incomprehensible and amazing traditions, some of which relate to the celebration of the New Year.

The New Year signs of Japan and China have many similarities, since the peoples who have long been neighbors have adopted traditions, slightly changing them at their own discretion. China A lot of noise in the New Year does not happen! To drive away the “evil spirits” and evil spirits, you need to rattle all the objects that can create a rolling roar, let off firecrackers, fireworks, and just shout loudly.
You can not use knives, cutters, scissors on the first day of the new year, and even luck can be “cut off”! Hide away brooms, rags, brushes and scrapers, so as not to accidentally forget about an important sign: on New Year’s days, the deities give the Chinese good luck, which settles in the form of dust, and if, without thinking, you start cleaning, then you can “give the gods good luck” to sweep out the door.
In Chun Jie (Chinese New Year), it is important to give paired items: two mandarin ducks, two lamps, two cups, to bring harmony, mutual understanding and love into the house. It is especially important to get such a gift for unmarried girls, as the presence of paired items in the house will attract a “soul mate”.
Japan In the New Year (O-segatsu) it is worth putting on everything new: clothes, shoes, accessories, jewelry, then you can expect that health and happiness in the new year will be provided. To laugh loudly, joyfully and heartily in the first few minutes of the coming year, then good luck and good mood will be constant companions throughout the year! Do not accept flowers as a gift, as only members of the imperial family can give them. Such an ill-considered gift will bring misfortune.
New Year’s signs of Vietnam and Korea.
Vietnam The first visitor on the first day of the new year will predict what this year will be like for the family. A good person has come, carrying a positive energy, the year will be successful!
If the apricot branch brought to the house bloomed on the first day of the new year, then good luck and happiness will not be long in coming! And the house will be reliably protected for the whole year from dark evil forces. Put on the family altar in a strictly defined order fruits (coconut, apple, mango, papaya) whose names can be reinterpreted, getting the phrase ” We ask for prosperity and money!»
Korea To fly kites for the happiness of seeing the Moon first means to become the luckiest and happiest in the coming year. Make a bow (sebe) to all the elders to receive their blessing, and therefore good luck for the New Year! New Year’s omens have come from ancient times, where they took their roots, sometimes, remains a mystery, but their execution guarantees good luck and other benefits, so if you believe and perform rituals, omens, traditions, then luck will really enter your home.