Chinese New Year 2021 comes on February 12. We have come up with a festive menu for you, collecting hits from several Asian countries. But the main New Year’s dish-dumplings-is a traditional Chinese recipe!
How to celebrate the Chinese New Year.
What to drink?
Of course, green tea is perfect for any Asian food. It not only tones you up, helping you stay up all night, but also improves your digestion by allowing you to taste all the food on the table. If you do not want to drink hot tea, brew it in advance and use it as a base for lemonades or cocktails. Green tea is perfectly combined with any citrus fruit, especially with Uzbek lemons, spices (cinnamon, cardamom, star anise), red berries (strawberries, raspberries, cherries) and bright herbs (mint, tarragon). Design
Chinese New Year is a very elegant holiday. The main element of the design of the house is red lanterns made of paper or fabric, painted with hieroglyphs. In general, red is the main color when decorating, regardless of whether it is the year of the yellow earth pig or the purple rabbit.
You will not lose money if you put on the festive table a lot of different sauces: sweet and sour, sweet chili, hoisin, mango, ginger or just soy sauce. Guests can taste your food using everything (one at a time, of course). It is also very tasty to mix soy sauce with black rice vinegar in a ratio of 3: 1 and add a little dark sesame oil.
Dishes for the festive table.
Baked ribs with “Five spices”»
5 spices – one of the most famous Chinese condiments, without which it is impossible to cook Peking duck and many other meat dishes, such as pork ribs. By the way, exactly according to the same recipe, you can cook lamb or fat beef ribs.
Baked ribs with “Five spices”
Assorted rolls-nems with vegetables, squid and chicken.
Roll-nems are prepared in many Asian countries. They are very popular in Vietnam and China. If you don’t like squid or a combination of squid and chicken, choose any meat, fish or seafood..
Assorted nam rolls with vegetables, squid and chicken.
Garlic shrimps.
The combination of sour and sweet or spicy and sweet, as in these garlic shrimps , is completely normal for Chinese cuisine. The main thing is to apply the spices carefully, so as not to overdo it with the taste.
Fo holiday soup.
Pho soup is a classic of Vietnamese cuisine. Vietnamese cook it usually with rice noodles, and when serving add beef, pork or chicken, sometimes-pieces of fried fish or fish balls. We offer a festive version of this soup in the Chinese interpretation – with duck breast.
Fo holiday soup.
Chinese dumplings for a couple with a surprise.
The Chinese have a saying: “The taste of dumplings is better than the taste of all other dishes.” Chinese people eat dumplings both on weekdays and on holidays, so Chinese dumplings on the festive table are a must have. Peanuts put viesto coins-for good luck.
Steamed Chinese dumplings with hidden peanuts.
Exotic fruits in caramel.
Chinese cuisine is not replete with desserts, and sweet masterpieces are not found here. But almost any Chinese dessert is prepared simply and will be much more useful than a cake, cake, buns or cookies. Here’s how, for example, fruit in caramel. Initially, according to this recipe, only bananas are prepared, and not the most ripe, and sour green apples.