Anyone reading this will probably prefer to fill their bellies with delicious Chinese food at a nearby shop tonight, praising the art of cooking vegetables, meat, fish, lotus root, and lavishing the chef with flattering 好吃. Did you know that in China there are 11 nightmare in the opinion of a European delicatessen, the preparation of which will horrify the impressionable ( do not open it if you are not sure).
The culinary Dracula hit parade begins…

  1. Monkey brains.
    A live monkey is brought, the skull is opened, you eat its brains, it screams in pain. Brrr. Due to the incredible cruelty, we will not show close-up photos here.
  2. Feng Gan Ji.
    Literally, it means “wind-dried chicken”. The inside of the chicken is taken out while it is still alive, then seasonings are added there and hung by the paws to “prepare”. The delight came from Tibet.
  3. Long Xu Feng Zhao.
    The delicacy consists of the tendrils of a live carp (Long Xu) and a piece of meat between the” fingers ” of a chicken on the foot (Feng Zhao).
    4.Fried duck claws.
    The duck is placed on a hot baking sheet, it begins to jump from the heat. In the process of this “dance”, the duck dies, and the legs are fried. And the unforgettable aroma of the paws is given in the process of pouring soy sauce into the duck’s throat.
  4. Turtle soup.
    A live turtle is put in a pot with water and spices and begin to heat over low heat. When the turtle gets hot, it begins to drink soup to cool itself, thereby soaking the insides with seasonings. The water temperature rises, and the turtle dies in agony.
  5. Huo Jiao Lu.
    Literally means a live donkey. The animal is tied up, the chef begins to cut up the still alive one and immediately serves it to the eaters. By the way, such atrocities are subjected to sarcasm in Mo Yan’s novel “The Land of Wine”.
  6. San Zhi Er.
    “Three peeps.” A live baby mouse and a plate of sauce are brought to the gourmet. The first squeak the mouse makes when it is taken with chopsticks. The second is when dipping in the sauce. The third is already when chewing.
  7. Zui Xia.
    Live shrimp in alcohol. They are put in strong swill to drink, then eaten alive.
  8. Crispy goose anus.
    First, a circle is cut out around the anus with a knife (the Indians used to remove the scalp), then they insert the index finger into the goose’s leg, rotate it and take it out, then cook it.
  9. Roast little lamb.
    They take a pregnant sheep and put it on a spit. The fruit inside it is also fried. It is considered a delicacy at the end to cut the belly and taste the cooked cub.
  10. Shark fin soup.
    Shark fin soup completes our culinary trash rating. We have previously written about this atrocity.