Архитектура Японии.
Japanese Tradition

Architecture of Japan.

Hello, friends! Today we will go to the land of the rising sun – Japan. Japan, is an unusual strange, despite the fact that the years go by, and in other places all the traditions are replaced, it is there that all the centuries-old traditions are preserved by the locals. The variety and style of […]

Chinese Tradition

Chinese New Year traditions.

Chinese New Year is arguably one of the most buzzing events on Singapore’s holiday calendar. These days, even the most serious Singaporeans try to cheat when playing mahjong, steal an extra piece of bak kwa delicacy and convince others that they are worthy of a gift in a red bag. We offer you a cheat […]

Attractions in Japan.
Japan travel Japanese

Attractions in Japan.

Kyoto is a city that “breathes” history. For many years, it was the capital of the Japanese Empire, and now it is the personification of its culture, where the past and present are intertwined, and the future is created. “Kyoto” means “capital”. It was founded in the 8th century AD, in the image of the […]

Japanese-style meat.
Japanese cuisine Tradition

Japanese-style meat.

How to choose the right meat.Buying meat is a whole science that you can learn all your life. After all, many housewives can not distinguish pork from beef.Let’s see how it is chosen and what basic principles are followed: First of all, you should pay attention to the color. Good pork is pale pink, and […]

5 rare Japanese dishes!
Japanese cuisine

5 rare Japanese dishes!

Japanese cuisine is firmly established in Moscow — hundreds of restaurants with traditional Japanese dishes, and each of them shines with its authenticity. But among the best there will always be a select few. We found them. In our review — 5 restaurants of Japanese cuisine, which serve rare or the only dishes in Moscow […]